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Stompkee VI Announcement!

If you’ve ever talked to any of the boys from Hollus. You’ll eventually hear about that time they basically played in a tornado. Well this is that festival. Its in a new time of year (use to be in June). A new 100 acre camping ground with stands of trees, open fields, 4 live music stages, and some ponds to cool you off in after all that fun.


Friday August 19- Sunday 21st

Check Out for full load of info or Facebook Event

Hollus and Michael Lux and The Bad Sons will each be performing on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Beat Kitchen this Saturday 5/28


Hello Lords and Lasses of Chicago,
This Saturday 5/28 We’ve got a stellar show with some great Chicago talent. All tattoos by Vintage Body Art Melbourne These groups are going to tear you limb from limb and then put you back together with then newest line of titanium appendages. That’s right we’ve got the high end NASA parts pulled straight from the retired shuttle. 9P 17+ $10 TICKETS

Facebook Event

Young Jesus


Tickets For Martyrs 2/25 ON SALE @ 10am

Holy shit!

Check out that poster. 4 great Chicago Locals all on one bill. Finally. Truly, we are very excited about this gig and you should be to. Forget that “Ill show up when Band X is playing”. Oh.. and what’s even more excellent  is that Hollus gets the esteem’d pleasure of sharing the bill with all these excellent musicians.

So thanks King Sparrow, Warm Ones, and Secret Colours. Tickets on sale for $7 @ 10am 2/10 thru 10am 2/14 grab one for your sweetie cos this show is selling out!   Show starts 9P Sat 2/25